Igor Khunteyev MFA

When Igor was six years old, he was selected to attend an exclusive school specializing in the arts. At fifteen, he was accepted to Benkov's art college, followed by Ostrovsky's  art university (Uzbekistan, former USSR). He received his Masters of Fine Art from Ostrovsky's in 1990. After moving to the USA in 1991, he received the

degree of AAA in Multimedia Production & Computer Animation from Art Institute of Dallas, Texas. Igor was chosen as a finalist from the list of interviewed graduates by the George Lucas Group, however he decided not to pursue the relocation due to his family situation. After graduation from Ai of Dallas, Igor first worked as an interactive designer, and then as an art director of interactive designs for corporations such as Ernst & Young and Tracy Locke. But in 1993, Igor and his mother Sofia Khunteyev Ph.D., founded  Sofia Art Academy of Dallas, which branched out in 2012 to Sofia Art Academy of Miami.
During all these years of running academies and teaching students, Igor always is trying to make time for his creative work. He was exhibiting his art in number of art galleries and his works are purchased by private collectors. You can contact Igor by email: info@artbyigor.com
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